Pastor’s Message

A Word from Our Pastor…

“What do you want from me Lord?” As we gather tonight to celebrate and break bread together, we bear in mind the biblical and universal plea chosen as this year’s theme of reflection by the Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver (CISVA).

Parents of young children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins – at various times we all ponder “What do you want from me Lord?” In my busy life, full of burdens, joys and responsibilities, what more can I give to the Lord, what more does the Lord want from me, what more can I give?” The answer, deeply personal and individual may vary but the for those of faith each answer is basic in its essence.

We yearn to achieve the abiding peace of family, friends and financial security yet this is often an elusive goal; occasionally attained but never static. It is through the process of seeking community and stability, both familial and financial that our faith is affirmed.

We are blessed in this, our St. Augustine’s community as we come together in deepening faith each and every time we meet. We support each other in our common goals of maintaining a stable family and supporting an enlightened and educated life built on our commonalities.

St. Augustine’s School is a prism which reflects our core values. We stand united in our faith priority; we know the value of a solid education, for ourselves and for the children who become our future. We break bread together tonight, here and now, because each and every one of us believes that one of the many prisms of faith is a solid education. Together we can push forward into an ever more stable and peaceful future for our young families. “What do you want from me Lord?” is a call answered individually and communally. Together our School, like our Parish, can continue to be beacon and an inspiration for all of us, now and for future generations.

As you reflect “What do you want from me Lord?” tonight and throughout the year, I ask you to look into your hearts and, like the widow with the mite, give as generously as you are individually able, knowing that we are a mighty force when united. We continue to Pass the Torch of faith, family and education to an ever-younger generation. It is to them we pass this torch and on them we build our faith and our foundation.

May God continue to bless your families, your friends, and our community, now and in the many years to come.

Fr. Andrzej Stendzina, OMI